Growth Management

Plant Growth Promoters growth management products that motivate the plant to produce its own beneficial hormones naturally. By improving vitamins and mineral uptake and also bodily Hormone Production via your plants' Roots or Leaves, Growth Promoters products help Enhance Flowering, Fledgling, Fruit set, Fruit Size, Maturity, and Over All Yield This aids you deliver Enhanced Crop Quality..

Improve Quality

Our Special Innovative Biotechnology Product. Contains Organic Compounds. Useful for all kinds of Crops, Vegetables and Fruits.
IT boosts the Top Quality of your soil by Enhancing the task of advantageous bacteria and fungi in your fields. This Enhanced microbial task delivers many perks to the soil such as boosting soil physical homes and increasing mineral availability. More Importantly, these Microorganisms break readily available organic matter into Nutrient-Rich humus-- the key Element in extremely Productive soils

Improve Soil Structure

Plant Growth Regulator is an efficient organic fertilizer. Because Growth Promoters is one sort of biologically energetic representative, it can increase the material of quick-acting, as well as decrease the loss as well as fasten and enhance the absorption and utilization of Plant Growth. Additionally, it could enhance dirt framework, promote the development of crops and boost crop durability..


  • Promote plants growth, increase crops yield effectively.
  • Promote buds formation, keep flowers and keep fruits setting, promote fruits enlargement.
  • Improve fruits taste, color and shape, thus improve fruits quality.
  • Increasing rice tillering (shooting), increase grains filling and grains’ weight.
  • Seeds treatment: increase seeds germination, improve seeds vigor.
  • Improve crops’ ability of cold and drought resistance.
  • Improve crops’ resistant ability to diseases.
  • Relieve the chemical and harmful stresses from pesticides and herbicides.


  • Complete water soluble and apply by foliar spraying
  • Mix with other products and apply by foliar spray: mix with herbicides, fungicides or insecticides.

Dose : 5 ml Per 15 Liter Of Water

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